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How to Fire Your Boss and be Your Own Boss

Posted on December 9, 2021 by Thomas Lester

If you are an employee, then, these things will occur to you shortly: you step, get retrenched, or retire. Gone are the days when great performance on the job guaranteed job security. These days, a computer, software, or a seasoned hand from another organization or nation could replace you.

Many companies are under intense financial pressure. The company you work for would downsize anytime, maybe somebody is taking it over or it's reorganizing. The simplest method for companies to cut cost is to remove human beings.

How than does one secure his job and make sure that those paychecks come in? If you would like to protect and fortify your financing, fire your boss today and be your own boss.

When you have little children or if you're young, your financial future is quite important. If you're old, would you like to use social security paychecks to train your kids or finance your retirement?

Instead of remain a worker, working practically all of your life, resign now and start your own company and become an immediate CEO. To own your organization is an achievement by itself. And it ensures secured and steady income for life. Decades ago, riches were individuals, these days, it's corporate. The companies generate the big money--Bill Gates isn't the richest man, Microsoft is.

You're always self-employed, working on your own and you're always the CEO of your own life but you never fully pursued it. You will need to fire your boss today and be your own boss. However, being your own boss is a hell of a struggle, and as the day goes by, the challenges do not go away, they become larger. Additionally, the reward gets bigger too hence a CEO should develop the habit of carrying a military knife constantly so that whenever there's a loose thread or broken stuff he can fix it or if he sees an erring employee or a ferocious competitor, he could stab him.