Promote Your OnBine business

Your internet business provides you the chance to market products/services cost effectively anywhere in the world but your competition has the exact same opportunity. You should be forward thinking constantly trying to improve in your strength from the competition. Look for new opportunities and devise strategies to take advantage of those opportunities in order for your internet business will remain ahead.

Attract prospects/customers
Online customers have as much choice of sites,products,services and providers this is the reason you need to spend some time,energy and money to entice customers/prospects. Among the very best ways to attract people is the search engines. Over 70 percent of internet visitors use the search engines;and a massive percentage of these folks are buyers.One of your objective into get listed on the search engines,to make this happen you want to create the pages on your site search friendly.

Follow these tips to make your pages search frendly;
1. Insert meta description tags and meta keyword tags between the head tags of your page:
* your name tag should be between 5 and 12 words-it should contain your keywords and describe your Website
* meta description tags should be between 5 and 20 words
* meta keyword tags should be between 0 and 50 words

2. You should use key words three or four times in the body of your page

3. Submit your site to search engines- add your website to the major search engines/directories and track effects. Only resubmit if your website doesn’t get listed. It is possible to use automatic tools or you may hand-submit to every website. The latter approach takes more time but you can make certain your website has been submitted!