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Tamper Evident Asset Labels Protect Your Equipment

Posted on November 1, 2023 by Thomas Lester

Let's face it, companies nowadays are always losing equipment to theft and misplacement all because your government isn't watching close enough. Monitoring your company's assets should offer you little bit of mind as well as your employees some accountability. Simply by putting a little asset label on the laptop or expensive device, will often mean the difference if that item helps it be back or not.

Asset labels can be found in all sizes, shapes and material types. You can find companies which will print custom asset labels together with your logo, barcode and specific number sequence. This could be expensive with setup fees and long lead times. The effect usually is really a durable product which has a durable overlaminate that protects that number or barcode from smuding or scraping. Polyester labels appear to work the very best for longevity, contact with heat and sunlight, etc. Consider tamper evident asset labels that may come in the proper execution of VOID adhesive which results in a stick residue on the asset it had been removed from. In addition, it makes it in order that label can not be removed and mounted on another asset. The label itself reads "VOID" throughout, so you can tell that it's been tampered with. Additionally, there are Destructable Vinyl labels that tear and rip apart if someone is wanting to eliminate the label. They'll end up getting a sticky mess. I even pointed out that they will have sheet fed asset labels that you could feed during your laser printer. I'm uncertain how well they endure to wipe downs of cleaners or chemicals however they will be worth a go.

Those applications that want harsh environments, heat, chemicals etc., you might want to look at annodized aluminum labels which are practically industructable. The image is baked in to the material and adhesives are a lot more aggressive.

There are some companies, including Eversio, that print short run labels with a typical layout that could be customized together with your company name, contact info, numeric sequence and also color which can be run quickly without create fees. Consider choosing a bar code and number even though you aren't scanning labels. It's there if you want it later on.